Flash No. 14 – Katie Mauro Zeigler

abstract art blur bright

By Katie Mauro Zeigler

If I could talk, I would tell you that I used to have sex with the windows open and the moonlight and a man’s hands at the small of my back.  I would tell you how it felt to bring a baby into the world and how my first period came at twelve.

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Flash No. 13 – Peter F. Crowley

Fomorians By Peter F. Crowley   You’re a piss reminder of an everlasting hotel. She spoke in a fiery tone. The man waddled side-to-side and began patting a penguin. He glanced to a chalkboard behind the penguin, where were written the words: We’ve broken glass, crushed marigold eyes, dethroned coughing cathedrals, driven Zambonis over subterranean […]

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