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Flash No. 22 – Richard Krause

Penn State University would periodically send down these studies on dairy cows. The farmers would have to implement them whether they liked it or not, but it was always the cause of ridicule, of mockery, that the scientists at Penn State hadn’t gotten close to the udders of a single cow, had never been kicked by one, never saw the mastitis their directives were meant to clear up,… Continue reading Flash No. 22 – Richard Krause

Digging Through The Fat – AWP 2016 Edition

If you missed us at AWP 2016 in Los Angeles, don’t fret. Here’s a link to the print journal we created exclusively for the conference. Special thanks to our contributors: Jamila-Khanom Allidina, Jules Archer, Rachel Ronquillo Gray, Dani Purcell, Thaddeus Rutkowski, and Bud Smith. And to Michelle Peñaloza, who co-edited the two poems selected for this edition. Also, much gratitude and love to our Creative Director, Cynthia Alvarez, for lending us her original artwork. Hope you enjoy! Continue reading Digging Through The Fat – AWP 2016 Edition

Poetry 2015 – Editor’s Note

Thank you, Michelle for your wisdom, insight, and generosity! As always, after reading the work of so many artists, I feel humbled. And grateful. A call for submissions is a call to action. To all the poets who put themselves out there and submitted work to us, thank you. Michelle and I were challenged with the difficult task of selecting among so many wonderful poems.

Continue reading Poetry 2015 – Editor’s Note