Poetry No. 58 – Tiffany Pyette

Nvyohi (Bedrock: the fundamental principle on which something is based.) “There’s beautiful artwork up there.” I’m told. Entering the rotunda in my elk tooth printed top, I glanced at the paintings that stood larger than the walls of my small home. All praising colonization. For the briefest of seconds, I felt my heart harden. Not into the pristine white marble that surrounded me. Or the … Continue reading Poetry No. 58 – Tiffany Pyette

Poetry No. 57 – Robin Gow

Morning Makeup Routine: Ursula But they dote, and swoon, and fawn on a lady who’s withdrawn.   What do you think I do? No, I wake up like this. I sleep in my makeup. I breathe only through red lips. The eyeshadow is a color stolen from water, my own personal blue. Some women have routines and other women have lives. Some women are dainty … Continue reading Poetry No. 57 – Robin Gow