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Stories No. 85 – Mario Duarte

“Monkeys, time to go!” Papi yells in his firm but gravelly voice. I lag behind at the end of the K-Mart checkout counter, eyeing the Mars candy bars. Aleta, my younger sister, kicks my heels. I trudge forward almost bumping into a white woman pushing a cart who suddenly stops after hearing Papi. Her lips stretch into a worldwide oval, ruby red lipstick smeared on her cigarette-stained teeth.  Continue reading Stories No. 85 – Mario Duarte

Living in the Masked Age – April 2020

We’ve been quarantined since March 13th. Week one, we were hopeful. We began our second round of poetry submission readings. We read and continue reading over 125 (as of today, that number is over 200) poetry submissions, that’s about 300 (600) poems. So far, the caliber and generosity of the poets who submitted work to us have lifted our spirits and have made our quarantine … Continue reading Living in the Masked Age – April 2020

Digging Through No. 3

Our third reading event in The Red Room at KGB Bar on March 10, 2020, was an unforgettable soirée. A day before Coronavirus COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, we hosted a sweet lit-loving and respectful crowd in The Red Room at KGB Bar. In an effort to keep everyone safe, we tried our best to avoid hugs and kisses, our bartender wore rubber gloves, glassware … Continue reading Digging Through No. 3

Digging Through No. 2

Our second reading event in The Red Room at KGB Bar on February 11, 2020 was an uproarious affair. It was a packed house and the standing room only audience was in very high spirits. The night began with a lyrical series of family poetic portraits by Rachel Horowitz, followed by a chilling and poignant story by Dororthy Barnhouse, and ending our first act was … Continue reading Digging Through No. 2

Digging Through No.1

We launched our new monthly reading series in The Red Room at KGB Bar on January 14, 2020. It was a cool, rainy evening and many of our friends were there to celebrate the works of Paul Beckman, Tamar Eisenman, JP Infante, Christine Kendall, Hadley Moore, and Joanna C. Valente. All our readers gave absolutely stellar performances. As a special treat Tamar Eisenman performed three … Continue reading Digging Through No.1

Stories No. 82 – Amber Baird

The Mattress By Amber Baird Samantha told him about the Russians. Her parents told her not to, of course, but she had to tell someone, and Charlie was her best friend. He sat beside her, under the tree in her backyard, and squinted at her through the sun filtering through the leaves. The remains from their picnic lunch were scattered around them — empty store-brand … Continue reading Stories No. 82 – Amber Baird

Stories No. 81 – Gary Singh

Voodoo By Gary Singh Slim occupies a vinyl bar stool, accompanied by a personalized chalice with hoppy German lager direct from the tanks downstairs. His name is carved onto the side of the mug. Camille’s alto voice, a younger, more dusty version of Edith Piaf, floats in like counterpoint to the chaos of sports on nine televisions. She emerges from the kitchen right when Slim … Continue reading Stories No. 81 – Gary Singh

Stories No. 80 – Victoria Giang

Ghost Voice By Victoria Giang They called it the ghost voice because of the way it crackled and warbled into a piercingly high register. It was a voice to captivate and bind the listener. Ros had it. “Once I fed a flower only music,” she confessed to Eung, her manager, confidante, and lover. Likewise, he slaked her thirst with a stream of abuse so endless … Continue reading Stories No. 80 – Victoria Giang

Stories No. 79 – Lee Matthew Goldberg

Join Us By Lee Matthew Goldberg Rockabilly music about the Holy Ghost pumps through the windows of the Salvation Gateway Fellowship Church, a small, red shack with a giant neon cross on the roof, its buzzy light flickering in the dawn. Nestled between two deflated hills in the Missouri Ozarks, this wonky, stitched-together building is the only beacon for miles. The surrounding landscape provides enough … Continue reading Stories No. 79 – Lee Matthew Goldberg

Stories No. 78 – William Lemon

Inconvenienced by Death By William Lemon The guests poured into the hotel pool dressed in robes, bathing suits underneath their fake, downy fur. The children did not bother with such pretense. They wore as little as possible, unafraid of cancer or the judging eyes of their peers. I joined the procession, tie still about my neck. Near the entrance to the pool, a cry from … Continue reading Stories No. 78 – William Lemon

Stories No. 77 – Paul Beckman

Smell You Later By Paul Beckman The Sunday of my sixth birthday I was waiting on the stoop for my father to pick me up. Usually he’d take both my older brother and me together on his monthly pickups but not on birthday months. He wanted those to be special and memorable. That Sunday turned out to be memorable but not special. I sat on … Continue reading Stories No. 77 – Paul Beckman

Stories No. 76 – Lucy Zhang

Orion By Lucy Zhang The first room to the left on the second floor was my brother’s room. Four pieces of tape held a poster of NGC 2024, the star-forming region—ribbons of cloud and smoke, specks of light that penetrated greys and blacks which, instead of obscured, conjured an inexplicable hope to where stars glimmered, mysticism to where they did not. Constellation Orion hung on … Continue reading Stories No. 76 – Lucy Zhang

Stories No. 75 – Kathryn Ordiway

Saturday Siren By Kathryn Ordiway ‘I mean, the hotter the weather, the more people murder,’ your husband says as he wades waist-deep in the murky water. ‘Serial killers and Kansas, you know?’ You have only your feet in the lake, legs stretched long from your place on a blanket because the color—the twinges of red and brown and earthy green—disgusts and concerns you. This is … Continue reading Stories No. 75 – Kathryn Ordiway

Stories No. 74 – M. DeVoe Talley

Reeled In By M. Devoe Talley I saw you then in the summer from the promenade of that county fair as you lay on your back in the near grass and I wandered with girlfriends I barely knew. The late low sun dazzled your tangle of blond hair, and a mustache made you look older, closer to twenty-eight—which was good. Demigods of a lesser mythology, … Continue reading Stories No. 74 – M. DeVoe Talley

Stories No. 73 – Christina Rosso

What Happens When the Ride Stops By Christina Rosso The wave curled, a claw digging into flesh. My tiny body thrashed in the ocean, the pressure of the wave on my neck and shoulders like a thousand bricks. Saltwater bled from my nose and throat. It was like being on the tilt-a-whirl at the Malvern Fair. I would ride it until I was hunched over, … Continue reading Stories No. 73 – Christina Rosso

Not Dead Yet by Hadley Moore – Book Review No. 9

The Rage and Compassion Book Review by Gessy Alvarez Not Dead Yet By Hadley Moore Winner of the 2018 Autumn House Fiction Prize Autumn House Press, September 2019 216 pages, $17.95 In Not Dead Yet, Hadley Moore’s intense debut story collection, the desolation of bereavement is depicted in ways that are both complex and deeply compassionate, drawing rich characters that are utterly flawed and human. … Continue reading Not Dead Yet by Hadley Moore – Book Review No. 9

Volume 6 of Digging, Calls for Submissions, & More

Volume 6 of Digging is halfway done! Much thanks to all our 2019 contributors so far: (nonfiction) Andrew Rihn and Simona Zaretsky; (poetry) henry 7. reneau, jr, Lisa Nance, Nolan Meditz, Bryan D. Price, David Midkiff, Thea Matthews, Alex Wells Shapiro, Morgan Peacock, KG Newman, Gabrielle Peterson, Lorraine Henrie Lins, Bina Ruchi Perino, Katherine Lutz, Stephanie R. Nahhas, Annalee Eagerton, and rhea moon. You can … Continue reading Volume 6 of Digging, Calls for Submissions, & More

Calls for Submissions – Chapbook and Artist Spotlight

The Digging Press Chapbook Series Competition Deadline June 15 Submit fiction, poetry, or hybrid chapbooks between 16 – 36 pages. Selected manuscripts have a small print-run (100 – 120 copies), and authors receive 20 copies plus $250 payment. Reading fee: $10.     Artist Spotlight Call for Submissions Ends July 15 Submit a link to your Instagram and/or website artist portfolio. Include a short bio, artist statement, … Continue reading Calls for Submissions – Chapbook and Artist Spotlight

New Book, Chapbook Call for Submission, and More

Last year, we launched our inaugural call for submissions for the Digging Press Chapbook Series. We were overwhelmed by the response the call garnered. Over 250 submissions were entered. We chose one winner, four finalists, and 15 semi-finalists. When we announced Awabi by Mandy-Suzanne Wong as the winner in September 2018, we set a tight production schedule. Our goal was to debut the winning chapbook … Continue reading New Book, Chapbook Call for Submission, and More

Cultural Omnivore No. 5

A Listing of What We Love Theater: VAGINAL DAVIS & LOUISE NEVELSON Chimera INVISIBLE-EXPORTS is proud to present, Chimera, a two-person show featuring two grandstanding, iconoclastic, and spectacular women. Through October 22, 2017 Invisible-Exports 89 ELDRIDGE STREET, NYC   Book: THERE ARE MORE BEAUTIFUL THINGS THAN BEYONCE Author: Morgan Parker Published: February 2017 Tin House Books, 80 pages Buy Here But there is nothing more beautiful … Continue reading Cultural Omnivore No. 5