Poetry No. 59 – Marco Harnam Kaisth

Three Short Poems

To Hilda

All my sisters died young too,
fiddleheads doublebent under dew.

Marketwomen collapsed to red bean jelly,
my mother a mooncake around.


The Atlantic

I admire you
for drowning the kids you drown
for baring their bloat never
merely snagging fat waterlimbs
in your multitude plastics and corals.


Body Poem

I love only men who move like marsh-birds over the water
diving low into thin sheets with thin limbs and eager eyes
to stop their breathing


Marco Harnam Kaisth is a poet and computer scientist based in Chicago. He is currently a Global Leadership Fellow at Waseda University. He has received awards from The Poetry Society of Vermont and The University of Chicago. His work has appeared in E•Ratio, Another Chicago Magazine, the Zimmerli Museum, Mountain Troubadour, Commiserate, and more. See more at mhk.dev.

© Marco Harnam Kaisth

Photo Credit:  © nongkran_ch / Adobe Stock