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Community No. 71 – Roxana L. Cazan

Roxana L. Cazan


1. Is what they found on her, in the pocket of her tattered dress
a. as she stretched up on her toes to peak over the fence,
b. “detained” at the southwest border.See Note at Jesus was a refugee….” read more

Windsor Review
Fall 2020

An Archeology of Hurt

“Everything starts the same:
a pit, a pike, the parting touch,
the pruned fingertips,
the grime of inchoate land
seen from a boat, …” read more

Rabid Oak
December 2021

A first-generation Romanian American poet and educator, Roxana Cazan is the author The Accident of Birth (Main Street Rag, 2017) and Tethered to the Unexpected (Alien Buddha Press, 2022). She co-edited Voices on the Move: An Anthology by and about Refugees (Solis Press, 2020).

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