At the Colony – Day 23 and 24

Day 23: Two full days left at the Colony. I started to write a new chapter today. After one month at the Colony, I planned to spend one week getting adjusted to family and work, then resuming my writing schedule. I committed to write at least 350 words a day until I finished the novel. I took a nice long walk after lunch, submitted stories … Continue reading At the Colony – Day 23 and 24

My Pinup Girls 2 – Maya Deren

Maya Deren…
Ukranian-born master of trance cinema, vanguard of the American avant-garde film movement and outspoken film theorist. Deren went on to influence Stan Brakhage and Kenneth Anger as well as David Lynch, particularly his movie “Lost Highway”. Maya’s first film, “Meshes of the Afternoon” cost a whopping $275 to make. She was a director, writer, cinematographer, editor, performer, entrepreneur, and self-promoting machine. Continue reading My Pinup Girls 2 – Maya Deren