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Petrula Laudato’s fiction has appeared in Haunted Waters Press, Panoplyzine, The Magnitizdat Literary, The Ocotillo Review, and Crack The Spine. She lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

Title: The October I Am Sixteen

First Line(s):

The October I am sixteen I tiptoe out of my mom’s small pink kitchen and meet a smiling, middle-aged man in a park, only a broken swing and some crushed beer cans between us, his teeth gleaming in the thick starless night. He shows me a motel key that I trace with my index finger, gently caressing his rough palm, and we don’t talk but he kisses me deeply with his bold, whiskey-soaked tongue.

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Genre: Fiction
Publication Date: March 4, 2019
Journal: Fiction Southeast



henry 7. reneau, jr.: “I write words of conflagration to awaken the world ablaze, an inferno of free verse illuminated by my affinity for disobedience, like a discharged bullet that commits a felony every day, a spontaneous combustion that blazes from my heart, phoenix-fluxed red & gold, exploding through change is gonna come to implement the fire next time. I am the author of the poetry collection, freedomland blues (Transcendent Zero Press) and the e-chapbook, physiography of the fittest (Kind of a Hurricane Press), now available from their respective publishers. Additionally, I have self-published a chapbook entitled 13hirteen Levels of Resistance, and my collection, The Book Of Blue(s): Tryin’ To Make A Dollar Outta’ Fifteen Cents, was a finalist for the 2018 Digging Press Chapbook Series. My work has also been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and the Best of the Net.”

Title: The Plight of Small Humans in a Vast Cosmos
First Line(s):

That sharp-faced boy from Louisville, KY.   Cassius Clay
become Muhammad Ali.   The king of sting, & spiritually F.O.I.

shootin’ tombstone bullets
from a rumble swept up in exultation of itself,   His bravado, filmed

in split-second celluloid frames of time : “the Anchor Punch”
at 4/100ths of a second,   & Liston KO-ed, coldcocked in the first.

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Genre: Poetry
Publication Date: November 5, 2019
Journal: Rigorous


Title: The Saga of the Exit Wound
First Line(s):

This poem includes some language that may not be suitable
for the workplace  /
—————————the literary journal that spouts
inclusivity /  —————————

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Genre: Poetry
Publication Date: Winter 2019
Journal: The Ilanot Review



Cora Tate graduated as a mathematician but has been a full-time professional entertainer for most of her adult life. Cora’s repeated attempts to escape the entertainment industry brought work as a librarian, physics teacher, syndicated newspaper columnist, and city planner. Cora reads, writes, and struggles to learn Dzongkha in Bhutan.

Title: Sentimental Yearning
First Line(s):

Funny how the same memories can draw people together and push them apart.

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Genre: Prose
Publication Date: Spring 2019
Journal: Cosumnes River Journal, Vol. 13. Page 34.



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