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Community No. 66 – Aida Zilelian

Aida Zilelian

A Slow Thawing

“I stood in the middle of my living room with a baby Bjorn strapped to my waist while my two-month daughter lay in her bassinet screaming mightily. Champ’s doughy jowls spread across the wooden floor. He cocked an eyebrow with canine worry…” read more – Page 51

West Texas Literary Review
September 2018

The Love You Can’t Give

““If that’s what you’ve decided to do, then go do it. But if you leave, you better know you can’t come back.”

I sat on the edge of the dining room chair as my mother stood over me, gripping the remote control in her hand, eyes blazing…” read more

May 2020

Aida Zilelian is a first generation American-Armenian writer and educator. She is the author The Legacy of Lost Things, recipient of the 2014 Tololyan Literary Award. Aida has been featured on NPR, The Huffington Post, Kirkus, P&W, and other platforms. Her short story collection These Hills Were Meant for You was shortlisted for the 2018 Katherine Anne Porter Award.

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